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Program Overview

This program is designed for those who overeat and emotionally eat and tackles the underlying cause of weight and your unhealthy relationship with food.

If you try to change too much at once you will overwhelm yourself and your mind and will more than likely give up.

That’s why I have designed this program to deliver one module to you every 7-10 days, starting with the Bonus Kick start pack and each week thereafter up to 12 weeks.

This keeps your mind laser-focused on making small changes each week and locking them in before moving onto the next change, helping you achieve permanent long-lasting ‘autopilot changes”.

So remember, baby steps, stick to baby steps, this is not a fad diet. and you want permanent changes.

What To Expect?

In most cases you can expect to feel control over your eating habits, greatly reduce the quantity of food you eat, feel less stressed, be able to deal with life with ease and that amazing feeling of happiness and content.

The purpose of the modules is to give you control over your mind, weight, emotions and eating habits while giving you back your power. The main objectives of the video’s and workbooks are to enhance practical knowledge of your mind, subconscious and how it works.  How habits are formed, how we can go about making permanent changes around food and habits to improve your health and well being.

The weekly Hypnosis downloads are designed to speed up the process of change, work on specific areas of habits, behaviours and underlying causes of weight and your relationship with food while retraining the brain towards more positive responses around food and life and lock in those changes.