Quit Smoking Program

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Program Overview

This program is designed to help you quit and stay quit for life!

Using hypnosis, we communicate with your subconscious mind to alter your current automatic urges and habits to smoke while replacing them with positive suggestions and visualisations to reduce your stress and to stop you replacing smoking with another habit, like eating.

What To Expect?

In most cases, you can expect to Quit Smoking by the second session, feel relaxed, calm, happy and in control, Feeling better than ever before. Some find they get instant results, others may take a few days and some it may take the duration of the program for the full effects to kick in.

The program is also designed to connect your mind to the part of you that knows how to live every day without smoking and wants to quit so strongly.

Together we will make your reasons to quit so strong in your mind they win every time.  Over the following sessions, we will reinforce all your reasons why you want to quit while lighting up the signals in your brain that you are a determined non-smoker.

You may also become very aware of your smoking habits during the first week and learn interesting facts about your smoking habit and how your brain works.   I think you will be very surprised at what you find out.