Stop Emotional Eating Program

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Program Overview

This Program is a collation of tools and tips from my blog and clinic that I’ve used to helped thousands of clients with long term emotional eating issues take control of their cravings, comfort and emotional eating.

Powerful & simple to use tools help you:

  • Understand and stop emotional eating
  • Quick & easily implement changes; Perfect for a busy life
  • Learn how to deal with emotions without resorting
    to food.
  • Love your life and being in control of your emotions & eating habits
  • Enjoy your extra time with family & friends, not on complex programs and changes

What To Expect?

You can expect to become aware of those times you emotionally eat and stop this behaviour in its tracks.

The hypnosis recordings will start to slowly change the underlying, lifelong thought patterns that have contributed to your emotional eating. The very same thought patterns that keep you feeling like you have no power to change your life, unhappy with yourself and your appearance.

Soon after listening to the Hypnosis Downloads’s you’ll find that…

  • You begin to look for healthier ways to work through your emotions instead of resorting to food.
  • You’ll start to eat for hunger, not emotions or comfort and find yourself looking for healthy snacks instead of junk food.
  • Day by day you start to recognise the triggers that lead to emotional and comfort eating and begin support yourself in healthier ways, giving you back control.
  • You’ll feel a little more peaceful, focused and explore ways to improve your life, happiness and health.

These slight, daily improvements in 3 very important aspects of your overall mental health; Health, happiness and control, will prepare your mind and body to then take on bigger challenges and achieve bigger health and lifestyle goals in the future.