Never Diet Again Program Maintenance Package

How to Continue your weight loss over the Seasons so you can further your weight loss success.

Things happen in our lives that interrupt our healthy minds and habits, life sometimes gets in the way! The Never Diet Again 12 Months maintenance package is a comprehensive weight loss enhancement program made up of 12 Monthly Videos, Hypnotherapy MP3’s and workbooks designed to further enhance your 12 week program work, positive mind set and reinforce all the great work you have done so far!

Here’s what’s included in your 12 month maintenance package

  • 12 Monthly MP3’s: These powerful audio recording will help reinforce your new positive habits and engage the amazing power of your subconscious to assist your continued weight loss.
  • Continue your weight loss journey and Change your Seasonal habits.
  • 12 Monthly Videos and PDF’S: These easy to follow guides take you step-by-step through the next 12 months and let you take in the information how you prefer.
  • Further Specialist Weight Loss Secrets, Tips and Tricks from Mind Specialist Jodi Clarke
  • Continued email access to my personal email address if you have any questions or challenges


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