Hypnotherapy MP3 Singles

Hypnotherapy MP3 Singles

Your Program comes with all the MP3's you need but here are some extra's that I think you might like.

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Stop Craving Sweets

Are those deliciously looking cream and chocolate covered muffins calling your name or do you find it hard not to walk past the lolly jar without hearing the little colourful treats calling 'eat me... eat me'? Then this Hypnotherapy MP3 download is for you.  Pop on the recording and before you know it that brain of yours will have no interest in those sneaky little treats.

Weight Loss Made easy

Who said weight loss has to be hard?! We all have that little voice that say's "there has to be a better way?!”
Why not tap into the part of your brain that seems to find a way to get things done quicker and easier.
Get a weight loss boost: download and start listening to 'Weight Loss made easy Hypnotherapy MP3 today’.

Deep Sleep Hypnotherapy

Whether you need to drown out chain saw snoring, you're tossing and turning more often than a snag on a hot BBQ or just simply can't let go of the to do list running through your head, this hypnotherapy recording will help you get the best nights sleep you’ve had in a long time by relaxing your mind and body while training that brain to drift into a deep relaxing sleep night after night! ZZZzzzzzz.

Stop Emotional Eating


If you find yourself busting open the Tim Tams when you are feeling down or stressed, just pop this little track on to keep the emotional eating munchies at bay. This Handy little tool is designed to help curb Emotional Eating and keep your weight loss journey on track.[/caption]

Rock Your Life Confidence

Become your own biggest fan. Grow and change into a new version of you; stronger, determined, courageous, adventurous. Comfortable in your own skin, knowing you belong, feeling like you can do anything you set your mind too. Download your Mp3 today, listen daily soon you will look the world in the eye and shout “my life Rocks!”

Healthy Detox

Stimulate your body’s own natural ability to detox itself. Hypnotherapy helps you laser target your mind onto what you want. This recording is designed to point that laser at your body’s own clever detox system. Your own built in system that detox’s the body and assist the body in cleaning the lungs, flushing toxins out of fat cells and cleansing organs, while readjusting your focus on health and increased water intake. Click buy now and Get your system working like a well oiled machine.

Inner Strength Confidence

Tap into that power you know you have. It’s there lurking under the surface, waiting all this time to burst out and shine. Your powerful strength, motivating you to overcome any and every obstacle that may stand in the way of your happiness, social and home life. Develop more self-control, a calm and relaxed state of mind while thinking clear and sharp at all times. Get your inner strength confidence glow! and Download your Mp3 today.

Lock In Your Future

Imagine, your future, wearing the clothes you want to wear, no money worries, feeling healthy, fit and happy whatever it is that you are longing for.  Its time to Dream big and lock it into your mind. This recording is designed to lock the life you have only dreamed about into your mind.  A very clever and special method is done in a way that your mind believes your dream life has happened and locks it in place. Once this has happened your mind will go about acting like it already has what you want, making changes and adjustments to your routines, habits, behaviors and rituals until the day has arrived and your dream is no longer a dream… its alive number 5! Get your copy today, create the dream in your mind, pop on the recording and let your mind do its thang!

Motivation For Exercise

Wouldn’t you like to feel that unstoppable urge to get up and just do it.
But there’s a part of you that holds you back. That part with the little voice who talks you out of getting up and moving that body, that part of you who keeps you stuck, keeps you doing the same thing over and over – nothing!
Its time to banish your evil internal twin and let the fit woman out, free to roam all the gyms, footpath, parks & pools she likes! Put your special cape on, do a twirl and download your recording today.

Goodbye Depression

Make Every day a fresh new beginning leaving yesterday and your depression behind. Let your powerful unconscious mind find the answers and solutions to bring you peace, happiness and wonderful joy for life into your soul. Start living your life that your dreams are made off. Download today and help your mind help you.

Motivation For Healthy Food

Salad or burger… mmmmm burger… no! salad.. But Burger…. drool..
Can’t decide?
You want to be fit and healthy right… but a part of you just cant stop the good cop/bad cop conversation going on in your head.
Find that part of you that doesn’t even start the conversation in the first place. the one that starts drooling over a healthy meal and turns its nose up at a greasy artery clogging junk binges. Down load your recording now and dust off the slicer dicer, ya gunna need it.

Peaceful Relaxation

This short peaceful relaxation hypnotherapy is like a day spa for the mind and body. Drift into a wonderful state, letting go of all the stress, worry and fast pace of today. You’ll pop out the other side feeling calm and relaxed ready to face the world with grace and presence. Ahhhh pure bliss.

Protective Shield

Do you sometimes feel like to want to filter the world or people around you.  Negative people, critical people or just need that layer of thicker skin. Would it be great to have a special protective bubble or shield to use as you wish …
maybe keep your personal energy safe and replenished.  You can use this shield in any way you want to … the uses of this shield are limitless. Download your recording, sit back and relax ever so deeply, enjoy feeling save and secure… just like a big nanna hug.. (with out the cheek pinching).

Master Your Eating Habits

This hypnosis for mastering healthy eating habits allows you to tap into your natural eating habits for weight loss sometimes having an almost instant permanent effect.

When using Hypnosis for eating and weight loss habits combined in this session you get a much higher weight loss success. Pop this session on at night when you go to bed and you can train the brain for weight loss while you sleep.

Achieve Your Dreams Hypnotherapy

This hypnotherapy session works by breaking the ties from the past while strengthening the success mindset, self-confidence motivation, and shows the mind how to make dreams come true.

See, your mind has the answers and all the learning lessons you have experienced so far. Remember all those books, courses, videos or podcasts, on topics you just can't make stick, none of them have gone to waste, your unconscious mind has stored it all away behind a door,  right now you can't open the door, it’s blocked by the past and negative thoughts, this is where hypnosis can help.

Healing Power Hypnotherapy

If you like natural health care this self-hypnosis for healing has it all. Your mind and body is the strongest healing power of nature. Our cells rejuvenate over and over, our cuts heal, our body is healing itself every day, but sometimes it’s a little harder to heal the emotional pain and heal emotional wounds.

We all want a healthy body and mind and sometimes the noise out there doesnt cut it sometimes we need a little bit more. To start healing the mind and body, we need to feel like we are in a safe place.

This energy healing hypnotherapy and health hypnosis helps your mind learn how to heal yourself naturally.

Social Confidence Hypnotherapy

In this hypnotherapy session, you will unconsciously learn how naturally feel calm and confident while speaking socially, the conversation will flow naturally and you will enjoy being around people.

Sometimes we find it hard to talk or have a fear of talking to strangers, fear of talking in public because of people who judge or you have shy people problems and don’t know how to overcome being shy.

This Hypnosis session taps into your natural intelligence and humor bringing you social confidence mastery and you’ll no longer have fear of social interaction.

Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy

This Law of attraction hypnotherapy session unblocks your limiting beliefs about money, success, and confidence. It also Removes success blockers while giving you a laser focus on what you want.

Law of attraction Hypnosis is very different to manifest meditation.  Mediation focuses on the mind being quiet and inactive where hypnotherapy is how to train your mind's subconscious and how to rewire your brain for success using amygdala retraining and hippocampus rewiring techniques.

Embracing Change Hypnotherapy

Not all change in your life has been a challenge, some change you may have sought out and thrived with. In this ‘hypno’ therapy session we tap into your already existing motivation for change so its on call when you need it. Giving you control over how you choose to feel.

Sleep Hypnosis For Weight Loss

This weight loss hypnosis is sleep hypnosis for deep sleep cleverly combined with weight loss hypnosis to naturally find your healthy size and shape. When combining hypnosis for sleep with hypnotherapy for weight loss you get a tool that promotes a deeper and faster change .

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Made So Easy It Feels Like You're Cheating. This hypnotic weight-loss session helps you seamlessly change habits and behaviors around food, diet, and exercise.  Hypnosis for weight loss or hypnosis to lose weight works by tapping into the subconscious mind, making changes to the unwanted and unhealthy habits resulting in permanent weight loss.

Recommended listening: We recommend listening to the recording in a comfortable spot and where you won’t be disturbed. Either in bed at night or in a comfortable chair.

Note: This recording will promote a wonderful deep relaxation and hypnosis, for some it may feel like sleep, therefore, do not listen to this recording while in command of a vehicle or operating machinery,

Warning: Hypnotherapy or Hypnotherapy MP3’s are not recommended for those suffering epilepsy or Schizophrenia.