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Most Weight Loss products and programs Treat the Weight. 
This program Treats the underlying cause of the weight.

Love who you see in the mirror, wear the clothes you want and feel complete happiness.

Learn How to Take Control Of Your Eating Habits, Have a Healthy Relationship With Food, Eliminate Emotional Overeating And and Lose Weight Naturally.

Sarah Lost 36kg!

"My journey has been epic! I have gone from 116kg : after my 3rd child in 2012 ( Jodi and her Team got me on a plateau at 111kg : Oct 2013) now I’m 85kg and in clothing that I haven’t looked at since I was a teenager!" Sarah July. 2014. 
Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person

Are you ready to make a big change in your life, your appearance, your health and your level of happiness? Then you need a proven weight loss solution that treats the underlying cause of your weight problems not just the physical symptoms.

"I started my journey depressed but not knowing why and discovered a self-love, inner peace and growing confidence. I no longer use to food to make me feel happy." Christine. Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person.  

This four 1.5 hour weekly workshop is designed to:

  • Change your relationship with food and eliminate compulsive urges to overeat
  • Ensure weight loss as a natural by-product of taking control of your emotions
  • Have you Looking great in your clothes and be motivated and happy with the person you see in the mirror
  • Let you enjoy new levels of happiness and self-esteem that have been missing from your life for too long
  • Help you identify your emotional eating triggers and provide tools to manage and eventually eliminate them
  • Provide ongoing support so the positive changes become part of WHO YOU ARE, not just a short-term motivational boost that soon fades
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"I love your program. Will shout my praise from the rooftops. Awesome - they fit again! 7kgs down, back in my "skinny" jeans, minus the muffin top. Love this program" Nicole. Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person.