Mind Coaching Sessions

with Jodi Clarke

The Never Diet Again Program is unlike every other program and so is my mind coaching.  I'm not here to tell you what to do or give advice and I don’t claim to have all the answers to your problems. That’s because all the answers you need to get the life mind and body you love are inside of you right now.

I’m simply here, as your conduit, to help guide the answers out of you, understand your mind and harness the power of it.

And that’s the foundation of my coaching: I help YOU to be the best YOU and to achieve the mind, body & life you LOVE, through YOUR own power — power which you’ve always had all along and lies deep inside you.

When you look in-ward for answers, accept what you hear and connect with your inner self, you'll uncover your personal power from within.

Are you over having the same issues OVER AND OVER?  Are you ready right now to change?

My role here is to help you ditch your outdated 'story' and create a new amazing story, cut the crap & connect with your inner power, so that you'll then kick butt with whatever you want in life.

ONCE a year opportunity

My mind coaching is only open ONCE per year; every January and with very limited places.  Limited obviously because there is only one of me and I am all about quality not quantity!

Because you are a Never Diet Again Member you get the first choice of available spaces. Our sales page is posted to the world in November and books out quick so you have about 30 days to grab your spot.

Once the sessions are booked out your next opportunity to start will be 2017!!

Let’s get started - Book your Mind Coaching session below.

  • Coaching Sessions start Mid-January 2016
  • Sessions are held weekly for 12 weeks
  • Sessions are conducted via online video conferencing software, recorded and made available through the membership site.  
  • You will be coached on how to change your mind set
  • You will be coached on how to use your mind to tap into your inner power and get the mind body and life you LOVE.
  • You will have lifetime access to the coaching resources

 Strictly no refunds or cancellations on coaching, if you are not: prepared to work on yourself, serious or committed to change please leave the place for someone who is


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"Best thing I have ever done and the best money I have ever spent" Tracey

 "Over the 12 weeks I have begun to completely change my mindset about eating and have become a healthier and happy person.  Without this program I would still be eating 3 blocks of chocolate a day." Amy

"Thanks Jodi. It was a break through in therapy 🙂
Great session, really helpful.

"I have discovered so much about myself & now understand why i self sabotage, Thank you. I feel i have found myself again and my Husband is thrilled." Sarah

"Hi Jodi, Thank you for a wonderful session with you last night. You are a wonderful communicator".
Warm Regards, Catherine

"Hi just feel alot more in control of myself since I left the session , not so vulnerable" with thanks lynne

"Thanks Jodi for such fantastic support. I love the Wed group and feel very comfortable with everyone. It was great to hear how other have felt over the past week. I thought I was going a bit mad lol. Looking forward to next week." Cheers Tan

"I feel awesome, calm and ready to take on the world! Already noticing changes in food choices" Kelly

"Hello Jodie. Excited about what's to follow in subsequent weeks!" Helena

"Awesome, Every week I learn new things and each week I gain another tool to make my life the healthiest I have ever been. Thank you I am so appreciative of the advice and support group I have found."Christine

"Fantastic Mind body and Soul felt very comfortable Jody is amazing Now to begin my new life" Michelle

"The whole thing was amazing" Lucia

"Jodi you are outstanding hypnotherapist and make my experiences just so good.
You put me at ease so easily, That is a friendly, easygoing experience.