Quit Smoking Program

Program Outline

This program is designed to help you quit and stay quit for LIFE!

Around 1-In-5 Deaths In Australia Are Caused By Tobacco, Yet With Our Help 90.6% Of Hypnosis Clients become A Non-Smoker*.
You Could Be Next…

Think back to last time you tried to quit smoking…Why did it fail?

  • Did you struggle with cravings and withdrawal symptoms?
  • Did you just have one while you were having a drink and before you knew it you were hooked again?
  • Did you start to gain weight?

These powerful triggers and side effects of quitting that keep you lighting up are controlled by your subconscious mind.

That is why our hypnosis treatment is so effective because it works with the subconscious part of your mind to remove the habitual behaviors and lessen the withdrawal symptoms of quitting so you can stay strong and quit for good.

This Program was developed by Jodi Clarke, award-winning hypnotherapist, founder, and CEO of The Hypnotherapy Clinic and is the most requested and successful Hypnotherapy quit smoking program


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