Session 1 – Preparing the Mind Hypnotherapy

Session Description

This session prepares the mind for your quit date while easing the burden of smoking.

The purpose of this hypnotherapy session and kick start guide is to prepare you for your quit date by retraining your mind while making you aware of your unconscious smoking habits all while you still have permission to smoke. When we are aware of our habits and behaviors, it is only then can we go about changing them. The main objectives of this guide is to bring all the habits out of the unconscious mind, where habits are stored, and into the conscious mind, making you very aware of your smoking habits. Then we can go about making permanent changes around your smoking, prepare your mind to quit and improve your health and well-being. The format of the program has been specifically designed to achieve these goals. This simple guide uses Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques to change your Neurol path ways from negative to positive in a clever and non-resist way, making your chances of success even greater! We hope you enjoy your new journey into your new life of good health!

Go to your tools on the right and download Session 1 and your Kick start guide. The kick start guide takes you through each step one by one.

Pro tip:  I recommend setting your start date for no more than 2 weeks out and listening to session 1, right up until your quit date.

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