Motivation For Exercise Hypnotherapy


This session is designed too:

  • Activate Your Inner drive to move
  • Exercise with unstoppable motivation
  • Increase energy to push beyond boundaries

Wouldn’t you like to feel that unstoppable urge to get up and just do it?

But there’s a part of you that holds you back. That part with the little voice who talks you out of getting up and moving that body, that part of you who keeps you stuck, keeps you doing the same thing over and over – nothing! Its time to banish your evil internal twin and let the fit woman out, free to roam all the gyms, footpath, parks & pools she likes! Put your special cape on, do a twirl and download your recording today.

Strengthening motivation as an initiating, guiding and maintaining the drive for goal-oriented behaviours and habits is crucial especially to exercise.

This hypnotherapy download largely deals with the main foundations of motivation namely activation, persistence and intensity. As a positive self-view is visualised through looking in a mirror, the activation of your drive is enhanced by encouragements of taking the first step.

You’re then seamlessly propelled into a process of idealising your self-image, abilities and self-efficacy to heighten your persistence despite arising challenges. You’re then even further strengthened by positive reassurance in pursuing change as growth towards your ideal future within all aspects of your life. This way, you’ll have a clearer mind to have better focus and more vigour in pursuing your goals.

These processes directly tap into the stronger kind of motivation that is deeper and more intrinsic for a stronger, more determined mind and body in doing exercise!


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