Imagine living a life without having to put yourself down every single time you look at the mirror. Imagine a life where you just automatically choose healthier foods. Imagine finishing a meal without guilt or frustration lingering about like a bitter aftertaste.
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“I was morbidly obese, in excruciating pain (unstable pelvis) and very unhappy – not that you would know because I would just eat !! Acknowledging these forces at work in my life and then dealing with them through the hypnosis was extremely powerful.”

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create the mind, body and life you love
Throughout this journey of change, you’ll be guided every step of the way. Every week, you’ll be able to overcome different barriers that’s holding you back to make sure you’re making realistic, long-lasting strides towards overall progress. In addition to making significant progress, you can also rest assured that you’ll keep the weight off through an optional ongoing maintenance program that will lock in your positive changes!
Immediately, you’ll notice significant changes to your automatic behaviours especially when it comes to food and exercise daily. As you go deeper and deeper on this journey, you’ll feel stronger, sleep better and wake up even more energetic to face each day. With the absence of unhealthy habits weighing you down, being healthy will simply become a reflex for you!
For only a short period of time each week allotted to a module that you can listen to wherever you’re most comfortable, your transformation becomes more and more at reach and before you know it, you’ve already achieved your goals!

“I no longer use to food to make me feel happy. I now have tools to cope with unconfortable situations and to make my family a happy tight knit bond.”

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monthly maintenance program

Our program is committed to ensuring you keep the weight off forever, and we know you can’t change a lifetime habit overnight so we also offer an ongoing monthly maintenance program to lock in your positive changes.
At the end of your 12 weeks, you can take advantage of our Monthly Maintenance Program that supports you as you adjust to your new life and relationship with food. Each month you receive workbooks, Mp3 Hypnosis sessions and Education around
This amazingly powerful monthly maintenance program is only available to customers who purchase the 12 Week NDA Program.

“ I believe the MP3 support is crucial and pivotal in the success of this adventure – to start with I listened to them every night : you can’t change 30 years of habits without some major reinforcement!”

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