Protective Shield Hypnotherapy

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This session is designed to:

  • Create a Strong Protective Emotional Barrier from toxic people
  • Replenish Energy Lost through negative interactions
  • Realign your mind and body with constant positive, motivating thoughts

The Protective Barrier that Fights Negativity and Gives You Unlimited Energy!

Have a strong protective barrier to have peace of mind and tranquillity as you process negative emotions and experiences better while having an overflowing supply of energy! While negative experiences and criticism are inevitably part of daily living, it’s important to be able to process them efficiently to not stress us out or completely affect our peace of mind. This hypnotherapy MP3 largely targets the core of the mind to help you seamlessly create your own barrier to fully protect yourself from any unnecessary negative emotions and experiences.

This is done by training your mind to have a reliable filter in properly processing unwanted negative feelings and improve the way you deal with situations you might find uncomfortable. In addition, this hypnotherapy MP3 also allows you to explore any energy leaks that might be causing you to constantly feel drained and exhausted.

Along with that, it also helps you replenish your energy you might have lost from certain situations or people you’ve encountered in the past. As an effect, your peace of mind is constantly intact with a more balanced energy flow from outside in and out so you’re more focused and motivated to face each day’s challenges!

2 reviews for Protective Shield Hypnotherapy

  1. Sharifa.

    Loved this! Jodi’s voice is very soothing and I enjoyed her accent (I’m based in the US). This was great to get a very deep meditation. I actually fell asleep and then woke up about 20 minutes after it ended feeling refreshed and motivated. I listened mid day, and then continued with the rest of my work. I also got the Lock in your Future and can’t wait to listen to it next. Highly recommend. –

  2. K Winkel

    K (verified owner)

    Thank goodness for this session the last 3 days!! It is helping me feel steady, more in control & keep the temperature down through VERY difficult family business conversations. Protective Sheild, the new ace up my sleeve, is working wonders!

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