Around 1-In-5 Deaths  in Australia are caused by Tobacco but you can still steer your ship and extend more fruitful smoke-free years of breathing better, being healthier and taking full control of your life again!


“In a couple of weeks its going to be 1 year since I quit smoking along with my Family. Both Mum and Dad have been smoking over 20 years, Girlfriend and I have been smoking for over 10 years.”

– Boyanh

Completely Flush Cigarette Addiction Out of Your System Forever.

Among other cardiovascular diseases, cigarettes are one of the leading causes of lung cancer. However, it’s never too late to chase a fresher, bolder life without resorting to cigarettes forever. Conquer emotional stressors and triggers that keep you stuck in this toxic habit once and for all. Take control of your life without the need to crave even a stick of a cigarette ever again. Discover powerful ways of propelling yourself towards this journey of change all-in with lesser withdrawal symptoms while strengthening your drive more to be completely smoke-free!

“It has now been 12 months since I have had a smoke!!! Cold turkey from 10 to 15 a day. It worked for me, thanks.”

– Chris

Quitting for Good has never been this Easy!

By addressing emotional issues and stress triggers, you’ll experience a more seamless path towards ceasing smoking at its core for good. Using hypnosis, your subconscious mind will be re-trained to alter current automatic urges and habits associated to smoking and replacing it with healthier, more constructive ways to satisfy your needs without even have to crave to light another stick ever again. This will completely re-shape the way you handle stress and emotional triggers towards living a more positive, smoke-free life!

create the mind, body and life you love

To cut the cord that binds you to smoking, you’ll experience a seamless switch through making the change from the core of your mind with the least conscious effort needed. As a consequence, you’ll notice you respond to stress or any other smoking triggers differently. The change will significantly alter your train of thoughts and your behavioural patterns in stressful situations with the least withdrawal symptoms to experience.
With a stronger mind, you’ll be able to completely change your life towards a healthier, fuller one that’s not held back by a cancer-causing nasty habit!

“So far so good. Day 4 and no smokes. Don’t even feel like one.”

– andrew


preparing the mind hypnotherapy

The hypnotherapy session Is designed to prepare your mind for your quit date. Primarily, this process is aimed at bringing your smoking habits up out of your unconscious into your conscious mind, making awareness of your habits strong, making creating new pathways easier. Paired with the simple ebook guide that uses Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques (NLP) to change your neural pathways from negative to positive within the core of your mind first minimising any residual ‘reminders’ or ‘cravings’ when you’re smoke free. Your mind will automatically receive triggers to smoke signals differently and create better responses other than smoking.

the fresh new you

Now with a fully aware and prepared mind It’s time to make the switch! This session breaks down all your habits and behaviours around smoking. Using NLP and special Hypnotherapy techniques to help your mind forget about the harmful habit and replaces your memories of smoking with healthier choices and even healthier food choices.

This program includes the specific step by step instructions to follow for the entire process along with supportive guides in handling stress, other instances that might trigger smoking and fully breaking the habit for good. Along with a healthy mind, you’ll learn more and more about healthy habits that now have replace smoking.

Weight Loss Made Easy MP3 Single

Maybe in the past you’ve replaced smoking with food. Don’t worry we’ve got your covered. This hypnotherapy MP3 will allow you to stay healthy and fit so you don’t on additional weight after quitting.

Healthy Detox MP3 Single

With the physical consequences of smoking, your body has become dependent to its toxic chemicals and compounds. This hypnotherapy MP3 will give your body the help it needs to flush those cancer-causing chemicals out of your system forever.

Relaxation MP3 Single

This hypnotherapy MP3 facilitates relaxation to conquer stress seamlessly giving you the ultimate tool to replace smoking as an option of dealing with stress.

reducing stress fact sheet

This hypnotherapy MP3 facilitates relaxation to conquer stress seamlessly giving you the ultimate tool to replace smoking as an option of dealing with stress.

green smoothie recipe

Give your body a fresh new start with this easy to make green detox smoothie for a healthier, more energetic body!

what to expect once you quit guide

This simple timeline guide shows you the benefits of quitting now and the future, including what part of you will be healthy again and by when!