Stop Craving Sweets Hypnotherapy

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This session is designed to:

  • Removes Sweets as a Pleasure – Reward response
  • Releases old toxic habits revolving around sweets
  • Shifts the mind towards practical healthy choices

Eradicates Sweets as a Pleasure Point

As sweets were previously fundamentally ingrained in the mind as rewarding or pleasurable rooted back in childhood, this MP3 dissects your current adult mind to fully eliminate this automatic thinking. Sweets are highly discouraged through raising your mind’s awareness to consider it as an unneeded part of life. It further points out sweets as a filthy part of the past and a high potential threat to your system. As it is emphasised more that food serves a purpose, your mind is then rewired to reject any and all unhealthy sweet food and drinks automatically.

Redirects Your Mind to Focus on Body’s Needs

With the emphasis of sugar as unhealthy and toxic for the body, your mind is then refreshed to focus more on what your body actually needs. This way, your old toxic habits revolving around sweets are replaced with the focus on satisfying the body’s needs for fresher, healthier choices. With this fundamental change in your mind, not only are your old habits fully flushed away but you are completely set to start a healthier lifestyle.

Strengthens the Healthier Pathways

With your mind refreshed and rewired, it is also further strengthened by putting you in full control of your thoughts and choices. Since your mind has already been rewired and redirected, putting it in control will automatically and naturally drive you away from the sweets in future instances and you’ll be drawn more to healthier options. With a stronger mind in control, you’ll no longer be looking for sweets or be tempted by them whenever you feel stressed. You’re fully set for a healthier, more colourful life without sugar in sight!

6 reviews for Stop Craving Sweets Hypnotherapy

  1. Anne

    Last Friday we had a staff birthday with cake and lollies and the usual sweet stuff. I can’t believe I was not one bit interested in any of it, the first time in my life I was in total control! I love this MP3 – Anne

  2. kim

    I’m not so negative and I don’t dwell on things that have gone wrong anymore. I’m no longer pigging out & finishing everything on my plate. The journey will be still long but small steps, the goal will come!!!

  3. Roddy

    Over weight, angry and fustrated. I have learnt to handle and deal with multiple situations that are thrown at me better. Whilst I would have liked to lose more weight. I now know what I need to do to achieve this after the help of the course. Thank you� Roddy

  4. Mandy

    Fantastic programs that really work. Loved the MP3’s and have learnt so much about what has stopped me from reaching my goals. Awesome program. Thank you so much, Jodi & the team. – Mandy

  5. Amy

    Without this I would still be eating 3 blocks of chocolate a day – Amy

  6. Sarah

    I have discovered so much about myself & now understand why I self sabotage, Thank you. I feel I have found myself again and my Husband is thrilled (3 children later!!) the Mp3’s are fantastic support / reinforcement tools – Sarah

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