Stop Emotional Eating Hypnotherapy

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This Session is designed to:

  • Change Your Emotions Links with Food 
  • Promote healthier ways to process your emotions
  • Face life without the need of finding comfort in food anymore



Using food to comfort ourselves in times of emotional distress is highly unhealthy and often a common cause of weight gain. This hypnotherapy mp3 targets the core of this unhealthy habit mostly composed of negative feelings. It does this by making you aware that you’re only using food as a temporary distraction to emotional issues which can have long-term unhealthy effects on your health. It re-trains your mind to break the connection between eating and temporary emotional relief while creating healthier emotional coping habits that serve you better. With emotional eating off your mind, it’s replaced with notions of acceptance and encouragement to process emotional issues in more effective ways. You’ll no longer eat to fill your emotional void and you’re all set for a fulfilling lifestyle full of energy and vitality! 

Change Your Relationship with Food 

This hypnotherapy MP3 completely changes your relationship with food by targeting the roots of emotional eating. By training your mind that finding comfort in food is only a short-lived pacifier to your emotional issues, it completely shifts your perspective towards self-acceptance and acknowledges emotions as a valid part of yourself. Through this, you’ll be able to properly manage and process your emotions without ever needing to turn to food again. 

Encourage to Find Healthier Ways to Process Emotions 

With the old, unhealthy habit out of the way, you’re encouraged to look for more constructive ways of processing your emotions. As these changes happen in the unconscious it will give you an ability to actively listen to your body’s needs. The unhealthy habit of emotional eating will be replaced with healthier alternatives for emotional expression.  

Strengthen Drive Towards a More Fulfilling Lifestyle 

With your mind now geared to automatically process emotions in healthier ways, it’s also further strengthened with encouragements to enhance your drive to have a more fulfilling lifestyle. As you’ll process your emotions even better, you’ll have more energy and vitality to face life without the need of finding comfort in food anymore. You’ll automatically look for healthier ways to properly address your emotions towards a fuller, more lush life! 

5 reviews for Stop Emotional Eating Hypnotherapy

  1. Julie

    I love this MP3! I no longer eat when I am down, Julie

  2. Julie

    I love this MP3! I no longer eat when I am down, Julie

  3. Michelle

    I can’t believe this actually works!, Michelle

  4. Sandra

    this hypnotherapy is so relaxing and i have feel more in control of my emotions, Sandra

  5. Eva Gruber

    Eva (verified owner)

    Hope it keeps on working!

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