Completely change your relationship with food, only eat when hungry and only eat as much as you need. No more overeating guilts, because now you get full faster! This program guides you through an easy weight loss experience while giving you control over your eating habits and helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle!
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“I usually eat to match my 20 year old son… in the weeks after these MP3s I found him taking food off my plate that I couldn’t get through and for the last few weeks we just serve me up half and I’m full.”

– Anthony

Eradicate overeating once and for all Achieve healthier goals easier.

As your mind is re-trained to have undergone a Virtual Gastric band procedure, you’ll be able to easily take the reins of your eating habits again. As you completely abandon your past unhealthy relationship with food, you’ll be able to feel full much faster and only eat at a healthy level. Through this, you’ll break the barriers that are holding you back from achieving your goals. This is further reinforced by building on your strength and confidence to move forward and make significant progress to lock in the changes you’ve made permanently. Ensuring you don’t slip back to old unhealthy habits, keeping you motivated to live a healthier, active lifestyle filled with energy and vitality!

“I notice changes in my relationship with food it’s a definite shift. I only need a small amount of food and I feel satisfied”

– Jill

Be in full control, don’t let anything hold you back

As a powerful aid to weight loss, taking control over your eating portions will completely propel you further towards your goals. This makes for an automatic, instant switch from old, unhealthy habits towards new, healthier ones that will actually help in pushing your forward.
This is supported by locking in the changes you’ve made and strengthen your motivation for a healthier, more active lifestyle!


Control your relationship with food and identify and eliminate the triggers that cause compulsive urges to eat even when you’re not hungry.Be able to enjoy food again yet have the power to walk away when you have had enough.


Stop yo-yo dieting and maintain the sexy, healthy body shape that you desire Long-term. This program will banish your unhealthy habits for good and you can always listen to a specific module again if you feel yourself slipping into old habits. We also provide ongoing support and a community forum to help you at moments of temptation.


Finding time to go to the gym and prepare healthy meals can be hard. This program is great because you can listen to the MP3’s and complete the workbooks anytime. In fact, many women say they have the best sleep of their life after listening before bed. The Mp3’s work on any audio player and can be downloaded directly into your Itunes or smartphone for easy access.

create the mind, body and life you love
A proven hypnosis procedure, you’ll experience a virtual gastric band that will shrink your stomach the size of a gold ball hypnotically. As a consequence, you’ll be able to change your relationship with food in an easier process. This way, you’ll have more control over your eating habits being able to only eat when hungry and feel full much faster.
Through the entire process, you’ll be guided every step of the way through each session that will not only help you eradicating overeating in a more seamless way but also strengthen your self-view, boost confidence and overcome other barriers that might be holding you back from achieving your goals. This is supported by helping you lock in the changes permanently towards endless motivation for a healthier, lusher life!
For only a short period of time each week allotted to a module that you can listen to wherever you’re most comfortable, your transformation becomes more and more at reach and before you know it, you’ve already achieved your goals!

“Very excited to say I’ve lost 12 kgs. Only 8 to go!!!!! And I actually have the energy to take a daily walk, something I haven’t had in ages with running around after the kids all day” – Catherine

your gastric band operation
In this session, you are taken hypnotically through a gastric band procedure, shrinking your stomach down to the size of a gold ball. This part of the program is done in a way that your mind believes the operation has happened, therefore creating automatic changes in your habits and behaviours; eating less, feeling fuller faster and feeling in control.

unlock the slimmer you

In this session, we reinforce your gastric band and all the reasons why you want to be slimmer, fitter and healthier. Its time for this part of you to wake up that’s always wanted to be slimmer, fitter, healthier, for clothes to fit nicely and to wear what you want. We will also use a unique focused attention visualisation technique that tricks your mind into believing you have reached your goal thus kicking in automatic healthy behaviours.

breaking through barriers

In this session, we use neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques to break through the barriers in your mind that have stopped you in the past from reaching your goals or made you slip back into unhealthy habits. We also use hypnotherapy techniques to help you let go of anything that is holding you back, anything that’s stopping you from being the size and shape that’s natural for you. Are you ready to let go and meet the new you?

the new you

In this session, we tie in all the great work you have done so far and continue to reinforce the positive suggestions delivered all throughout the program. You are now in control of your eating habits and food is no longer your drug of choice, continuing your healthy journey down the right path.

locking in the changes

In this session, we further lock int he changes while reinforcing the Gastric Band and healthy food choices while building on your strength and confidence moving forward.


motivation for health

In this session, we step up the motivation for health and movement while reinforcing the Virtual Gastric Band. Now you’ll feel the automatic urge to get up and move that body with the desire to healthier food becoming stronger and stronger each time you listen.

“I have lost a total of 6 kilos since I began this program. I’m well and truly on my way to my goal of 11 kilos” – Anon

Let nothing stop you